Amidst the backdrop of Nature’s bounty of Chikmagalur our State of the art Chicken Slaughtering Facility ,which has a capacity of 3500 birds per hour , is situated in the total land of 8 Acres. Each and every step is taken care at our facility.

Right from the time the chicken is procured, till it reaches the market, it is transported and stored at the right temperature to eliminate the possibility of any contamination. An expert HACCP team samples the chicken at different stages to ensure it conforms to the best of quality and industry standards and specifications.
Nothing leaves the plant, until the products meets the level of quality Life Line Feeds expects for themselves.

Live Bird Transport:

It is very important to carry broilers Birds in well ventilated vehicles. In Life Line Feeds the broiler Birds are transported with state of the art designed own vehicles with well-ventilated Coop System. So that Well Ventilation Condition and Uniform Distribution is Maintained still it reaches the Slaughtering Facility.

Pre Slaughter Lairage :  

Our In house State of the Art Built, Well Ventilated Lairage Area is provided to Rest the bird before Slaughtering to Make the Bird Calm and to avoid Uneasiness in the Broiler Birds.

Live Bird Receiving: 

As the Birds Enter into the Receiving AreaOur in-­house veterinarian first certifies that only healthy birds are brought to the Slaughtering Facility by doing Ante – Mortem Examination thereafter the birds are put on the Automatic bird conveyor Line. For the Unloading of Broiler Birds from the Vehicles state of the Art Conveyor System is provided with Lift System’s so that the Life Line Feeds strictly adheres to the norms Laid down Animal Welfare Regulations and also to ensure that no birds are injured or killed in the Process.

Stunning and slaughtering Process:

For the Stunning process, Life Line Feeds uses the High Frequency Stunner from Meyn System. So that all birds are insensible and also to ensure that the carcasses are not damaged. For the slaughtering process, Life Line Feeds strictly adheres to the norms laid down by Halal and it is supervised by Halal Supervisors with the Help of In house Veterinarian.

Scalding, Defeathering and Evisceration Process:

After slaughtering the birds undergo Scalding, Defeathering Process and once again birds are rehanged to overhead conveyor for the high-­speed evisceration process. For all these System Life Line Feeds uses the System’s Provided by Meyn.

Chilling and Grading System:

After Evisceration, The Birds are Chilled to less than Four Degree Centigrade, by using Chilled water and In house Produced Ice. To minimize the Bacterial Growth and also for the improvement in the shelf Life of birds. Once Chilled, Birds will be graded for the 16 Varieties on the basis of weight. For this Life Line Feeds uses the Most Sophisticated Grading System M4000 Provided by Meyn.

Whole Bird Packing and Specialty Products:

Chilled and Graded Birds will undergo further Activities Such as With Skin, Without Skin, Chicken Cut Pieces and Specialty Products like Breast Boneless, Leg Boneless, Chicken Drumsticks and Whole Leg. These Products are available as per Life Line Feeds Specification and also as per Customer Specification also.

Blast Freezing and Cold Storage:

Chilled Whole Bird and Specialty Products will further subjected to Blast Freezing Activities where the Product will attain below minus 18C and will be stored in our cold storage where the temperature will be maintained below minus 18C always depending on the customer requirement or for the Export Purpose.

Life Line Feeds is having  our own In house built  Blast Freezer and Cold storage, where we can Blast Freeze upto 30ton per day and cold storage capacity of 750MT.

Cleaning and Disinfection Activities:

As soon as the Slaughter and Further Activities like Whole Bird Packing and Specialty  process is completed, the entire  Slaughtering Facility is washed with bio-­degradable soap, Hot water and Disinfected with suitable Disinfectant. For this Life Line Feeds uses High Pressure Wash Boy Water System and Centralized Foaming System Provided by Sealed Air and Wash Boy.

Logistics Services:

Life Line Feeds uses our own designed Vehicles for transportation of Finished Goods from Chicken Slaughtering Unit to Bangalore Ware House and also to different locations.  In all the vehicles it is clearly mentioned to highlight that”PERISHABLE FOODS   ITEMS ARE ONLY TRANSPORTED”. 

Quality Control Lab:

Life Line Feeds is having Fully Equipped Microbiology, Chemical Labs and Serology Lab to carry out the day today operations. To Ensure that Final Product Released from the Unit is adhere to global quality standards and stringent-safety policies.

It is our goal to produce and give to our customers improve quality that meets increasingly stringent consumer demands. That’s why we continue to expand the horizon of state-of –the –art technology and increasingly set ever- higher standard of quality both for ourselves and for the industry we serve.

Quality assurance programme make sure that quality is no accident it takes people who care.