Under the brand name Nandan™,  Life Line Feeds manufactures and markets  three types of antibiotic-free and organic-rich animal feed products such as

• Breeder feed
• Broiler feed
• Cattle feed

With over 3 decades of rich experience as animal feed manufacturers, Life Line Feeds’ products have come to be regarded as the most consistent and best quality animal feeds range in the market. To achieve this, continuous research is done to gauge the needs of the market and environment and the nutrient requirements are changed in response to them. Quality feed intake is one of the most important contributors to good health and higher yield. Adapted continuously new technologies and completely PLC controlled operations to avoid human errors.

In Poultry Feed industry first in India we used the technology of Grain cleaning system for best feed quality and consistent performance.

High quality feeds ensure that our chicken are getting food they need to stay healthy and we are not adding antibiotics to their diet, sure it involves a little extra time, cost and dedication on our part.

The facility that produces 30 tonnes per hour pellet feeds.